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what is massage?

Massage is a technique applied by hand to help restore and relax the body mind and spirit. It has been used by healers of ancient times and continues to be used today in what has become a busy and sometimes stressful environment.

Touch, the first sense that our body develops, plays an important role in massage, and correspondingly massage touches on many levels of the human being - both internally and externally.

massage benefits

Some of the many benefits of massage therapy are:

  • Reduction in stress and tension which helps maintain a positive outlook on life.
  • Helps with sleep disorders and tension headaches.
  • Relieves aches and pains.
  • Improves mobility and movement of the body.
  • Assists with posture.
  • Enhances sports performance.
  • Assists in the recovery of sports related injuries.
  • Improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow.
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